Community Participation

Our Community Participation Programs offer diverse educational and engaging activities based on the goals of the participants. Our class/activity calendar is developed to encourage inclusion, relationship building, transferable life skills, and is designed to be a combination of specialized and community based opportunities. Daily activities and exercises include; basic fundamentals of math and literacy, revisiting historical times & current events, social etiquette, indoor/outdoor sports and including sporting clubs, creative arts, and community mapping. Our weekly calendar is planned using the following themes (most days are divided into 2 parts, learning component and daily excursion, seasonal indoor and outdoor sports are also incorporated into the calendar accordingly).

Sessions are organized four times over the year and are offered based on a full day; January – March, April – June, July- September, October – December.

Our Hopkins Day Program site offers a variety of life skills programs and activities for participants anywhere from 1 to 5 days per week. This program has dedicated professionals ready to assist with life skills, goal planning and community outings and offers a unique set-up of 4 separate areas. Our activity calendars range from developing goals with our participants, building community connections/relationships, volunteering, exercise programs, baking, music therapy, and recreation and leisure programs.